PostSafe Biodegradable Peel & Seal Polythene Envelopes

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PostSafe Biodegradable Peel & Seal Polythene Envelopes

Environmentally friendly as well as cheaper, lighter and stronger – PostSafe envelopes are ideal for any mail order, online or eBay business.
Envelopes degrade naturally in the ground
Easy to write on surface, accepts stamps, franking and labels
Ideal envelopes for catalogues, textiles and lever arch files
Available in opaque and clear
Postsafe polythene envelopes are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the UK. Polythene envelopes are strong, less expensive than paper envelopes and cardboard boxes, and the light weight reduces postage costs. All products are weatherproof, tear resistant, and 100% recyclable. The flexible structure wraps around contents and saves space – simple to use with peel and seal closure. All our products are approved by Royal Mail.

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Clear with Panel, Opaque

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165mm x 240mm, 240mm x 320mm, 335mm x 430mm, 400mm x 430mm, 440mm x 320mm, 460mm x 430mm, 595mm x 430mm