About Mailing Bags

Poly mailers are a popular choice for ecommerce stores and merchants to ship their goods. Lightweight, flexible, strong and puncture resistant. Poly mailers are protective mailers made from a durable, moisture resistant polyethylene film (plastic). They are thin, lightweight and weather proof. They come in many different sizes and dimensions, and are typically white/Grey (Opaque) and Clear.

At Postsafe we have a variety of Poly Mailing Bags ranging from Extra Strong, Lightweight and Biodegradable. All of our Poly Mailers can be custom made to your specific needs.

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Postsafe products are manufactured in the UK for Next Day Delivery!


Are Poly Mailers Recyclable?

Yes Poly Mailers are Recyclable! Plastic is typically more energy efficient to produce and to recycle than paper. Plastic mailers are also lighter than their paper counterparts, so shipping is more energy efficient.

The easiest way to recycle poly mailing bags and all plastic bags and film is to drop them off at stores and other dedicated facilities. Alternatively, please check with your local Council as some Councils do not recycle flexible plastic bags.